Carpenter’s Star Quilt Inspiration: 17 Eye-Catching Patterns Update 05/2022

Today, we’ll look at the “Carpenter’s Star,” a highly fun and surprisingly simple quilt pattern.

Depending on the layout, the carpenter’s star quilt pattern is a terrific beginner-friendly pattern made up of simply one or two easy blocks.

We’ve put together a beautiful array of carpenter’s star quilts.

In addition, we’ll explain what the carpenter’s star design is and how to make your own.

What Is a Carpenter’s Star?

A carpenter’s star is a quilt pattern that features an eight-point central star and a lovely yet simple pointed border. It reminds me of a huge flower or a snowflake.

In a “scrappy” form, this lovely quilt pattern looks amazing. So, if you happen to have an extra layer cake package (10″ square precuts) hanging around, this is a great choice for you.

Because you just need to know how to make one or two blocks, this quilt pattern is ideal for beginners. The carpenter’s star is traditionally made with half-square triangle (HST) and half-diamond triangle (HDT) blocks, but you can easily change the pattern to only use HST blocks.

 How Do You Make a Carpenter’s Star?

The designs and tutorials below will show you how to make the carpenter’s star quilt pattern step by step, but first, learn the basics.

  • Step 1: Select the pattern you want to use.
  • Step 2: Select a fabric. You have the option of purchasing pre-made fabric bundles or making your own fabric choices.
  • Cut out all of the squares in Step 3.
  • Step 4: Put the blocks together.
  • Step 5: To make the quilt top, sew the blocks together.
  • Quilt as desired in Step 6. (I think straight line quilting would add a modern spin to this motif.)
  • Step 7: Finish by binding the quilt.
  • Step 8: Admire your lovely masterpiece!

17 Carpenter’s Star Quilt Pattern Ideas

We have curated a list of free and paid patterns and tutorials that are sure to make your journey to creating a carpenter’s star quilt a breeze. Remember, this is a fantastic beginner design, so don’t be intimidated when you first look at these patterns. You can do it!

1. Build-A-Baby Quilt

Build-A-Baby Quilt

We’ve compiled a list of both free and paid patterns and tutorials that will make making a carpenter’s star quilt a breeze. Remember that this is a great starter design, so don’t be frightened by the patterns at first. You’ve got this!

2. Summer Star

summer star

This pattern looks like it belongs in the summer! The carpenter star design stands out against the white background thanks to the designer’s usage of a variety of colors and patterns. There are six different sizes available in this pattern: wall, baby, throw, full, queen, and king. For the price, that’s a fantastic deal.

3. Carpenter Wheel

carpenter wheel

The Carpenter Wheel quilt pattern is named after the quilt designer who used four carpenter stars on the quilt top. Using a contemporary color palette with a classic quilt pattern is a terrific way to combine old and new. The mix of black and grey also gives the stars a 3D appearance.

4. Carpenter Star Scrappy Quilt Pattern

Carpenter Star Scrappy Quilt Pattern

The focus of this quilt is a carpenter star, which is repeated for three more borders to make a wonderfully stunning design. This quilt style looks wonderful against the white background, and this pattern is another great example of using leftovers. This plan will teach you how to make a quilt top that measures 56″ by 72″.

5. Modern Carpenter’s Star

 Modern Carpenter’s Star

This quilt pattern, like the first on this list, shows you how to make a 70″x70″ square quilt. Because there are no “Y” seams or diamond blocks in this pattern, it is suitable for novices. For those who love fabric bundles, it is also fat quarter friendly.

6. Walkers Road Carpenter Star

Walkers Road Carpenter Star

Wow! Those blues really stand out against the gloom. The designer employed beautiful quilting in all the blank area to make this pattern more modern and intriguing. The border is made up of simple rectangle blocks and squares in the corners and looks fantastic.

7. Log Cabin Carpenter Star

Log Cabin Carpenter Star

If you like log cabin quilts, you’ll adore this quilt pattern. The log cabin technique is used to make the carpenter star blocks, and this design includes extensive instructions on how to do it. This pattern will teach you how to make a 105″ square king-size quilt.

8. Rainbow Carpenter’s Star

Rainbow Carpenter’s Star

For those who prefer to learn from a tutorial rather than a traditional quilt pattern, here is a free carpenter star quilt pattern. This tutorial is not only free, but it is also great for first-time quilters or beginners because it just uses HST blocks. I like how the designer chose a dark background to highlight the rainbow colors.

9. Bordered Carpenter Star

Bordered Carpenter Star

An excellent example of a classic carpenter’s star quilt is seen here. The numerous borders give the quilt a polished, solid appearance while still allowing the focal point to shine. This design is ageless because it uses only three colors for the entire quilt top.

10. Floral Carpenter’s Star Pattern

Floral Carpenter’s Star Pattern

Isn’t this design incredible? The quilt top’s enormous carpenter star allows the designer to showcase beautiful floral fabrics with lovely motifs. There are three sizes available in this pattern: tabletop centerpiece, throw, and queen.

11. Easy Carpenter Star

Easy Carpenter Star

This pattern can be used to construct a little 48″ square quilt or a quilt similar to #3 with four carpenter stars on the quilt top, both using an easy, no-frills design. The pattern includes all fabric needs as well as block construction instructions.

12. Earth Tone Carpenter Star

 Earth Tone Carpenter Star

As seen in this quilt by MaryQuilts, earth tones look fantastic in the carpenter’s star pattern. She cleverly used half rectangular blocks for the border, which almost resemble trees. This free tutorial will teach you how to make a 56″ x 68″ quilt top.

13. Carpenter Star King

Carpenter Star King

Using a unique fabric selection, this pattern designer has developed a modern twist on the carpenter star. The fabric and block requirements for a 104″x104″ king-size quilt top are included in this free pattern. There are no block construction instructions because the design is free, however HST blocks are simple to make.

14. Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern PDF

Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern PDF

The borders of this quilt pattern stand out and provide a colorful, joyful element to the overall design. The designer used bright sashing for the borders, giving it a contemporary feel. There are two sizes available in the pattern: throw and queen.

15. Free Carpenter Star

Free Carpenter Star

Another lovely example of the carpenter star quilt pattern, but this time the designer utilizes bold, manly colors. To give this quilt a more modern feel, they combined traditional feather and straight line quilting. This free pattern will guide you through the process of making a throw-size quilt.

16. Carpenter’s Wheel Block Free Pattern

Carpenter’s Wheel Block Free Pattern

This free design is excellent if you want to try out the carpenter star block before making a huge quilt, or if you want to make a mini quilt with it. Cutting, construction, and color options are all covered in this design.

17. Rippling Star

Rippling Star

This pattern includes a second star border that simulates the “ripple” of water, which is another lovely, scrappy carpenter’s star motif. This fat quarter friendly pattern only employs HST blocks. It also comes in four various sizes, allowing you to build one for every occasion.

This classic star quilt pattern may be changed and adjusted to create some stunning quilts, as this collection demonstrates.

Whether you choose to build a quilt with a single enormous carpenter’s star in the center or a quilt top with several carpenter star blocks, this design will help you create something absolutely unique that you will treasure for years.

This quilt pattern will speak to you and remind you why you fell in love with quilting, whether you are a novice or a seasoned quilting veteran.

Happy Quilting!

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