Troubleshooting for Riccar Sewing Machines (Fix And Repair Guide) Update 05/2022

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, it’s because it’s a Japanese corporation that has seen several changes over the years. In 1949, the company changed its name to Riccar, but beware: this company now focuses on vacuum cleaners and ignores its sewing machines.

The good news is that most Riccar sewing machine models have parts available. Certain built before 1970 may be a little more difficult to find, as those models and parts may have been decommissioned and are no longer in production.

Continue reading this post to learn how to troubleshoot your Riccar sewing machine. It’s jam-packed with the knowledge you’ll need to save money on repairs by doing them yourself.

How do I Fix My Riccar Sewing Machine?


Check to discover if your Riccar sewing machine is still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee before trying any repairs. If it is, and you attempt to repair it yourself, you will very certainly void the guarantee.

The next step would be to thoroughly clean it. Dirt, lint, and loose threads all contribute to your sewing machine not performing properly. After cleaning it, lubricate any sections that require oil.

The final step is to double-check that you’ve threaded the machine properly. This one required sewing setup is also a key cause of your sewing machine breaking down.

After you’ve completed those steps, consult your owner’s manual for additional instructions. This small guide contains numerous suggestions and tips for repairing your Riccar sewing machine.

Finding an Instruction Manual for Riccar Sewing Machine

Since Riccar has been around for roughly 70 years, give or take a decade, there are plenty of manuals and sources to help you locate the one you’ve misplaced. The first place to look is Riccar’s sewing website, which can be found at this address.

The next website we recommend for sewing machine manuals is this one, which has a lot of them. Then use this link to locate the manual you’ve misplaced over the years. This is one of the more costly manual resources we’ve used so far.

This company may be of interest to our British readers. They appear to have manuals for a variety of vintage and other sewing machine brands. On that website, there are a few for Riccar.

These few options are simply to get you started; Riccar makes a number of sewing machines, and many internet retailers have spares available.

Riccar Sewing Machine Stuck


This is a frequent issue that affects nearly every sewing machine ever manufactured. Check to check whether dirt or other culprits such as thread or lint have accumulated in the various locations of your Riccar sewing machine when this occurs.

If that’s the case, you should clean your machine. If the handwheel is still stuck after that, check the tension of your top thread to determine if it is set correctly for the thread and cloth you’re working with.

When those two options fail, you may need to hire a competent and licensed specialist to help you unstick the equipment. Some repairs are impossible to complete on your own.

It’s best to leave difficult repairs to someone who knows what they’re doing because you risk severe damage to your machine if you don’t know what to do.

Tension on Riccar Sewing Machine

Again, the typical suspects must be considered. Check to determine if the machine is unclean if you’re having tension issues. Loose thread, lint, and dust can all build up in the bobbin area, causing your lower thread tension to be off.

If your machine is clean, check your settings to ensure they are appropriate for the fabric and thread you’re using. That issue can be resolved with a small adjustment to the tension dials or screw.

You must also ensure that the tension between the top and lower threads is equal. If not, make the necessary changes. Some sewers may be concerned that their modifications would exacerbate rather than cure the problem.

If you’re unsure, get the help of a trusted local sewing machine repairman. Being safe is preferable to creating more costly repairs.

Riccar Sewing Machine Needles


It appears that different Riccar sewing machines can take needles from different manufacturers. When you have needle issues, it’s usually because the needle is dull, crooked, or damaged. Your needle could also be put wrongly.

Simply replace the needle with one of the numerous available online or in your local store to address your needle problems. Riccar sewing machines accept universal needles from Pfaff, Schmetz, Singer, Viking, and even Denim.

To inspect your needle, simply pull it out and examine it. You can roll it on your table to examine if there are any tiny bends that your eye might miss. Make sure the needle or its replacement is fully inserted and pointing in the appropriate direction when you re-insert it.

If you don’t, your needle and sewing troubles will worsen.

Riccar Sewing Machine Bobbins

Many Riccar sewing machines, according to certain parts stores, take a class 15 bobbin. However, according to a compatibility list, most Riccar sewing machines can use an L-Style bobbin.

Some of the Riccar machines will have metal bobbins; if you use a plastic one, you will be causing yourself extra sewing machine problems. To avoid common sewing machine problems, ensure sure the bobbin is wound properly and that it and the bobbin casing are properly put into the machine.

These last two steps are also a common blunder that wastes time and prevents your system from working properly. Before you begin sewing, double-check that your bobbin winding switch is in the sewing position.

If it isn’t, your machine might not be able to sew at all.

Oiling a Riccar Sewing Machine


This is not difficult to accomplish, but it is difficult to avoid over-oiling the various components. Because every sewing machine is different, don’t expect your new one to be lubricated the same way your old one was.

Your owner’s manual will include instructions on how to properly oil your vehicle. The directions are sometimes in the front of the booklet and sometimes in the back.

Saving money on sewing machine oil is the next temptation to resist. It’s not a good idea to buy cheap or low-quality sewing machine oil because it might clog up your machine, slow it down, or harm it by exacerbating wear and tear.

Once you’ve mastered the art of oiling your sewing machine, the process will go smoothly and swiftly.

Where to Oil a Riccar Sewing Machine

Some manuals do not specify where to apply oil. They simply tell to seek for the arrows and oil. The issue with those instructions is that the manual page may not be clear, making the arrows difficult to read.

In that case, simply ask a repairman where the oiling points on your Riccar machine are located, and then follow those identifications.

For some Riccar sewing machines, just a drop of high-quality sewing machine oil would suffice. That was the instruction in the manual we examined. Check yours to see if any of the directions differ from what we saw.

Over-oiling your sewing machine can damage the inside components and possibly taint the exterior. The machine does not require any additional oil than that specified in the handbook. Also, safeguard your machine by using high-quality sewing machine oil.

Riccar Sewing Machine Parts List


It is simpler to provide a list of or links to the various internet parts stores that carry Riccar spare parts. There are far too many parts on the Riccar machines to list here. The first place to look is this online parts store, which offers several sections for different parts on its landing page.

The next step is to contact the manufacturer directly, as its sewing machine section has a page dedicated to the available spare parts. To get to that page, simply click here. This link leads to another reputable supplier for Riccar sewing machine parts.

Their list is organized by model number, so find your machine’s model number and see what parts are for offer. Prices for the same parts may differ from one company to the next, so take a few moments to compare prices to ensure you get the best bargain.

Also, double-check their shipping and handling rates to ensure that the company is not compensating for your cheaper price with that fee.

Riccar Sewing Machine Light Bulb

Light bulbs should also be available at those parts retailers. They appear to have a large assortment, and light bulbs are one of the easiest things to find. If not, simply look up the light bulb’s serial or part number on Amazon. In their market, they have a lot of things for sale.

You can also find appropriate light bulbs at your local sewing machine or hardware store. Light bulb locations are plentiful and easy to locate. One word of caution: before changing the light bulb, check sure the machine is unplugged.

Before you start working on your sewing machine, eliminate the possibility of damage. Even if the problem is as simple as a bulb replacement.

How to Wind a Bobbin On a Riccar Sewing Machine


Depending on the model of your Riccar sewing machine, this task may differ. The RE 571 model is covered in these instructions. The first step is to thread the machine and place the thread over the top of the hook at the front.

Pull the thread to the machine’s lower back and feed it through the small slot before wrapping it around the bottom tension knob at the back. After that, feed the thread through the bobbin’s hole and wrap it around the bobbin before securing it to its post.

Check that the thread is running in the appropriate direction before pressing the button to begin winding the bobbin.

Threading a Riccar Sewing Machine

The model 8500 is covered by these instructions. To begin, place your spool of thread on its pin and pull it out. The thread is then taken to the first thread guide and threaded into the hole. Proceed to the second thread guide and repeat the process.

After that, pull the thread down to the thread tension dial and wrap it around it before returning up the thread tension dial, making sure to go through the tension thread guide and the take up spring.

After that, pass the thread through the take up lever, down to the front thread guide, and then through the needle bar guide. Finally, thread the needle with the thread.

Some Final Words

Riccar sewing machines are less well-known than other brands, and the corporation appears to be phaseing out that division. They are, however, useful machines to have on hand.

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